The PCS, Why Does It Matter To YOU?

Ahh yes, the PCS -  that epic moment of decision, where you secure your reward, add new items you wanted, and tell us where to ship your Reward! 

PCS stands for Post Campaign Survey

Check out this video, it'll tell you everything you need to know about the PCS!

The PCS is a survey that we've developed to do three things for you. 

  1. Choose the style, fit, size, color, etc you want your Reward to come in.  
  2. Choose the add on's you want to include in your Reward shipment. 
  3. Tell us where to ship your Reward. 

But I thought you had this information already?

Unfortunately we do not, Kickstarter and Indiegogo do not provide reliable information and do not give us the back end freedom to allow you to make your variant selections and add ons when you pledge. (We sure wish they did)

Basically when you complete your Pledge, we receive your payment, payment amount, email, and billing information. 

We created the PCS to sort out the rest of the details. 

Here's what happens when the PCS Starts: 

  • You'll receive a scheduling email that allows you to schedule your PCS survey. Which means we'll send it at the exact time you'd like to receive it. (we recommend taking the PCS on a desktop, everything is mobile responsive and will work great on mobile, but the format is a little better on desktop)
  • When your scheduled time arrives you'll receive an email from us that has several important items in it. The two most important items are, your Unique Discount Code and the Link to your PCS. 
  • Once you click the Link you'll arrive at the first page of your Survey, this is where you'll confirm your shipping destination (National or International)
  • Next you'll land on your Reward page, this is where you are able to select exactly the configuration of your Reward you'd like to receive. 
  • The next few pages will be add on options. For example, maybe you would like to have doubled your Reward during the campaign at your same Early Bird Price - no problem, this is where you do that. 
  • Next you'll arrive on the Cart page, this is where you'll want to make sure you have the items in your cart that you're looking for. 
  • At Check Out just make sure you have your Unique Discount Code and add it into the Discount Section. This code represents the amount you pledged on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, if you added additional items to your cart this is where you'll make the payment. 
  • Next, add your shipping destination you'd like your Reward to be shipped to! (Don't worry, we can change this in the future if the need arises)
  • Finished!

The most important piece of the PCS is you checking out with the Reward you want and you using your Unique Discount Code when you do. We can't ship your Reward unless we receive your information - so please be sure to complete your PCS!

Ready to schedule your PCS?

Looking to get a head start you Early Bird, schedule your PCS



An added bonus for you - 

You'll also have the ability to access BACKER ONLY deals, this is by far one of the biggest perks for our Backers because you unlock incredible deals on the rest of our gear! To access this invitation, just click on the "BACKER ONLY DEALS" button after completing your PCS order!

If you're new to Kickstarter or Indiegogo check out our recent blog article here, we dive deep into crowdfunding and why we love it!

So now you know everything there is to know about the PCS if you have any questions about it, please shoot us an email at! 


  • I have not received these coats yet. What’s going on?

    Amanda Chen
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  • Sorry, as you can imagine life has been crazy over the last few months. Like you, my life only got busier and on top of that I already get over 400 emails a day so looking for things like this often falls to the backseat over client needs. I look forward to getting the PCS and also my Ember. Thanks!

    Kent Kuhlmann
  • I haven’t received a survey for my half zip not my jacket

  • Help


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