Hot Pocket | May Update

Hello Hot Pocket Backers!

A LOT has happened since our last update!

In the last update I let you know that we were on track to produce 1,000 new graphene heat panels by April 20th. What ended up happening was 2,500 heat panels by May 1st (Getting there). The remaining 2,500 for this batch of manufacturing should be completed 2nd week of May. Fortunately the first 2,500 gives us a great starting point for the final step of production.

Now here's what's happening, our "Final Final" sample is in route to our office for the last approval. This sample is made with the newly produced production heat panel and everything is (Finally) 100% to spec.

Once I receive this sample we'll spend about 24 hours testing (again) to make sure everything is as it should be. Then we'll approve the final step of production. 

I say again because I've spent the last three weekends testing random heat panel samples from production, excited to say that the results are stellar 💪. Nothing quite like working next to a freezer for 14 hours recording temperatures 🤣.

Testing the Hot Pocket

We are still waiting to hear the final word on where we will fall in the production schedule - Covid seems to have backed up the entire world, as you are well aware, and our factory is no different. They are struggling to get through all of their commitments, but I am hopeful we'll have a solid factory start date in hand by May 12th. 

I talked a little about what's been going on with Hot Pocket and Ember in this live, check it out here 👉 

I'll be honest, at this point I'm trying not to rush anything. We're checking everything two, three, four times. I know we're way overdue on this project and I know you've shown so much patience (thankful🙏)but with summer approaching this is our opportunity to make sure everything is perfect and there are zero issues. 

This has been a crazy journey for me as well. This idea started in 2017, since then the company has completely changed 4 times. It's a bit exhausting bringing a new product to life, mentally and physically. I'm thankful you've joined us on this crazy journey. Without your encouragement, support, and understanding, this would just not be possible. Stay with us, we're nearing the home stretch. 


Richard Rhett (CEO/Sierra Madre)


  • I would be willing to pay extra for gear made domestically. Please stop manufacturing in China. I haven’t encountered many good quality products manufactured there?

  • The inevitable issues that will arise when a project is this late (!) having to do with address changes, email changes, questions, order status, etc. could be satisfied by establishing a service desk – ideally for each project. We’re not all social media addicts, glued to our screens. There are companies that can do this for you during a product launch …regardless how long the launch is.

    Steve Cavanaugh
  • Hey! If I’ve moved since the start of the project how do I change my shipping address? Thanks!

    Jesse Anderson
  • Now that your address is public you’ll be getting strange unknown animals in the mail. Be prepared. J/k

    They should be able to get your public information removed frm the wild world web in a few weeks. :/
    As much as I love Sierra Madre and their products, their technology and communication dept Could you use help…. Except to send out unrelentless emails of products to customers that already own most of said products. They get a A+ for effort. Will not grade past that. :)

    At least your email is not public.
    Thank SM for the quality products they get out to their customers. And, appreciate Richard‘s desire to deliver the best even with the delays/some of which can be blamed on Covid, others that cannot.
    It is better to get it correct and late than faulty and early. Thank you for your commitment and persistence Richard.

    The rest will work out eventually.

  • I moved since the my kickstarter purchase and need to change my address. Please let me know what I need to do!

    Molly Seaman

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