Hot Pocket | March Update

Good morning Hot Pocket Backers!

Things are changing pretty rapidly so I wanted to send you a mini update.

The Heat Panel factory just came back on line this week, and they are about 50% operational at the moment due to the Convid-19 Virus shut down. They are also backed up like everyone else due to this virus.

Good news is we were able to get (2) New Graphene Panels to our Hot Pocket textile facility today, they are working on sewing them in. Once complete we will then run them through our quality test procedure to make sure everything is good prior to moving forward.

Also, we shipped the remaining switches/cables to the graphene facility a couple days ago, the Graphene panel factory is slowly scaling up to be able to handle our first run of Hot Pocket panels. :) (remember, this is the last step, the rest of the Hot Pocket is complete and the Power Packs are complete).

Graphene Heat Panel Display

In the above image you'll see the heat panel in action and showing great heat coverage and reaching max temp without issue. You'll notice how thick the heat distribution is thanks to the graphene conduction surface area being increased, 💪😍.

Side note Convid-19 is causing massive disruptions around the world and it's now making its way to the US - Stay tuned to see how this changes/affects Hot Pocket. 


More to come, thanks for joining us on this journey :)
Richard Rhett

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