Hot Pocket | June Update

Hello Hot Pocket Backers! 

It's finally time for a (much needed) good news update! The entire first batch of the new graphene heat panels have been completed and shipped to George! Wahooo! FINALLY! 🎉

Normally George's Textile Factory requires a 4 month lead time to start a new project. Thankfully he was able to completely re-arrange his production schedule to accommodate the completion of the Hot Pocket product in July! You may be wondering, well why wasn't that already planned out (a fair question). The first time we planned this out George executed 10,000 Hot Pockets all the way to the final step, only lacking the heat panel, this was back in October of 2019. Then we ran into the brick wall of having to completely start over on the heat panel due to a poor performing supplier. He had to completely stop his production line because of this issue. Kinda like Tesla motor company's assembly line creating 10,000 vehicles and then not having the wheels to put on them. 🤦‍♂️

We discussed this next startup time once heat panels began to be completed and he told me, "Richard, there's just no way I can afford to spin up and stop again - we have to make sure the heat panels are in our warehouse and we are happy with the quality BEFORE we start production again". Of course I understood and agreed. 

Finally the heat panels started arriving in late May. His team has been checking every single heat panel with our Power Packs, a second time (they were tested prior to leaving the heat panel factory also). Once we both saw the quality we were excited to put plans in place and he was able to work magic and get us squeezed in this week. 

Now they have begun to sew out the final step of the Hot Pocket! 

Sewing out the last step of the Hot Pocket!

This is Cherrie, crafting the final step of our Hot Pocket!

This means we are finally seeing bulk production of the Hot Pocket product! Now that we made it to this point we can finally give you more definitive dates. Here's the plan for moving forward. 

  1. We expect to ship our first 1,000 Hot Pockets to our Backers starting first week of August. 
  2. We expect to start shipping the second batch of Hot Pockets (3,800) at the end of August. This will cover 96% of our Hot Pocket Backers. 
  3. We expect to start shipping our final batch of Hot Pockets in mid October. This shipment will contain ~200 Backers and Pre-Order Customers. 
  4. Then we're caught up 🤠

This has been the second most insane campaign we've ever done. Some of our backers may remember of very first campaign, the Nubé Hammock Shelter, when Juli and I literally moved into and lived in the Manufacturing facility to get everything finished in Nicaragua... THAT was a crazy time. 

So thankful for your patience during this campaign. We are grateful for all that have been with us and sent us encouraging notes throughout this journey, means a lot and has really kept us going. A sincere thanks. 

I'll have another update for you as soon as I have more concrete information!


Richard // Founder


  • Are there any updates on this? It is almost October and this was the last update I received.

  • Dear Gentlemen
    shipment number :13364.
    I haven’t received it yet.
    It was due to be received on Dec 6.
    Please inform me of the reason for the delay and the date of arrival.

    Thank you
    All the best

    Abdullah Aboabah
  • Rough. Really rough. I appreciate the QC, but dude, almost 18 months? crazy.

  • As bothersome it is not to receive an item by the indicated ship date or soon thereafter, I appreciate that when I do receive my units, they’ll meet the standards you’ve put forth. I appreciate the disclosure. Sharing reasons for delay not what anyone “wants” to do. Receiving information on delays not anything anyone “wants” to hear. However, not knowing anything is far much worse. So again, thank you for the disclosure. Blessings to you and your team, looking forward to receving my quality products.

    Les Thomas
  • Hey guys! thanks for keeping us updated & in the loop.. I really appreciate it and can’t wait to receive my hot pocket & extras! I do have a suggestion tho.. I’m wondering if perhaps you’d consider sending out the hot pockets to your backers in the southern hemisphere (aka everyone experiencing winter in August) first?
    That way we’d be using them straight away & can give you feedback etc..
    thanks & keep up the great work!
    cheers from Australia


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