Hot Pocket / Ember September Update

Well, our last deadline came and went 😖.

  • The June shipment (should have arrived beginning of August) of Hot Pockets are now suppose to be arriving September 15th. I am hopeful..
  • The July shipment (should have just arrived) of Hot Pockets are now suppose to arrive September 25thish. 
  • Good news though, we received final Male Jacket Production Embers today and they rocked my world. We are doing a 24 hour rush to find all the different body types we can to make sure we don't need to adjust arm lengths - then we can start production! 
  • Check out the video below for the live of me going over everything👇. 

I feel like we're inevitably close with Hot Pocket now... It can come soon enough guys - I know this has been an incredible test of patience. All I can say is thank you for sticking with us, that first night in the wild when you feel the crazy warmth spread over your body - the smile that comes over your face will make it all worth it for me.  🙏

Sincerely, Richard


Posted by Sierra Madre on Thursday, September 10, 2020


  • I am a hot pocket backer and haven’t received or heard anything.. I m not sure where to reach out, but want to resolve this

    Scott Prusinski
  • Any updates coming soon? Didn’t see a November update

    Steve Brown
  • Hey guys! How are we lookin’? I get that the world is crazy and all, but an update regarding current state/plan of attack would be really nice. It’s super frustrating to keep blowing past dates without knowing what’s going on. I would assume that’s why the natives are getting a bit restless.

  • It’s been 2 months since we’ve heard anything here. And that is only if you know about this spot. Kickstarter page for Ember hasn’t been updated since August. Can we at least get an update so we know you are still in business?

  • Hi, since we are now in November and it is starting to get cold, just wondering when we might see our jackets for the winter.

    Kent Kuhlmann

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