Hot Pocket | April Update

I received encouraging information late last night and wanted to share it with you all as soon as possible! The new graphene heat panels are in production! We expect to have 1000 completed by April 20th, and then ~3800 completed in May.

As soon as the first batch of 1000 is complete we will ship those to our textile factory partner (George) and he will begin final assembly (FINALLY!).

As we receive more details I will update you immediately. Obviously Covid is causing other issues for us here in the states but thankfully our partners are spinning up closer to normal operation in Asia, which gives me hope for a more normal May here in the States.

Our Power Packs and Solar System are in transit which is exciting, they will arrive prior to the first batch of Hot Pockets and be ready to go once Hot Pocket's start arriving.

I'm so thankful for your patience through this crazy roller coaster of a campaign, we will get through this and ultimately we'll all be proud of the final outcome.

More soon, Richard Rhett (CEO/Sierra Madre)

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  • hello I have have not received my hot pocket yet, but have moved. What is the process to change my address with you so that i receive it at the new house?

    Christ Weaver

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