Ember | May Update

Hey Ember Backers! We finally broke 250!

We finally have LESS than 250 MISSING PCS's! (help us out here guys and ladies) If you haven't taken your survey please contact Tammy 👉here. At this point you've received about 7 emails about the PCS😀. 

If you've been following along you know we've been having trouble getting everyone to complete their Ember Post Campaign Survey. This Survey tells us: what size you need, how many you need, which style you want, and where to send your Reward.

We're now only missing 239 PCS completions. 

At the end of April I had to bite the bullet and submit the P.O. without knowing what these 239 people want for their Rewards. This is a bit frustrating and risky for us, we're not able to guess what our wonderful backers want and thus inevitably we will run out of one particular style that someone wanted. ☹️ Which I hate.

Alas, for those that did complete their PCS Survey, thank you! 🙏

We started the clock once we submitted the P.O. now the factory can order materials, hardware, zippers, and fixtures. Obviously we're behind, as we were hoping to be shipping at the end of May. That won't be happening now, I can't blame it all on the non-PCS takers either, there are so many challenges that have arose due to Covid and changing government mandates/policies. We're sorting through it all as best we can as the small business that we are. I'm sure you can relate, March and April were pretty tough months. 

We've been working steadily at finalizing everything we can from our end. Below you'll find a little montage I put together of a fitting session we did back in March (before the crazy started). 

We'll continue keeping you updated on our progress, thank you so much for joining us on this adventure of bringing Ember to life! More to come soon!


Richard Rhett (CEO/Sierra Madre)


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