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Hello Ember Backers! 

Time for the June Update 😃

We're in waiting mode and still trying to track down ~220 Backers that haven't taken the Post Campaign Survey. If you're reading this and that's you PLEASE send Tammy a note here

We placed the PO at the end of April and the mill has since sent us 4 rounds of Lab Dips - we finally dialed in the right color for all of our materials (you'd be surprised at how tricky matching different fabric colors might be). 

Ember Lab Dips

Now that our color selection is perfect, we are in line for raw fabric production and then color dyeing. Usually fabric takes anywhere from 60-90 days to process from the time the PO is placed. These numbers were pre-Covid world, we are waiting for a firm date on actuals. 

We also received the first round of our embroidery samples, they turned out fantastic. The lower one is the winner and will be the branding on the Ember/DelSur products. 

Embroidery Sample

We opted for the embroidery because of durability, one of my favorite jackets (Arcteryx) used a heat transfer label on it and after 100 or so miles on the jacket the logo started to peel in the corner🙅‍♂️ no thanks. 

We'll have the single M mountain logo on the front chest and the Sierra Madre branding on the back shoulder, both are a discrete size and will look awesome ✅

I'd also love to give you a peak at one of the cool design aspects we've never talked about with you. The Ember Switch. It's a super important piece and this video gives you a little taste of the thought that went into developing it 🤓



Ember is going to blow our expectations away, it's such a cool piece of gear. 😎  I may or may not be keeping the office frigid so I can enjoy wearing the prototype through summer 🤣 

As soon as we receive firm dates on fabric we'll let you know - till then stay comfy Wildlings! Much love and thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Cheers! Richard // Founder


  • When can we anticipate receiving this item?

    Rebecca Grenier
  • Please let me know when I can receive the product.

  • Cannot wait to see the final product! I’ve been with you guys from the start and I am really excited to see the progress. Is there a way to check to see what we ordered? It’s been so long and I forgot what I got. Just want to make sure I got everything I need. My email is included and I hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the great work!!

    Brandon Kaiser
  • gaborhiking@gmail.com

    Gabor Galantai
  • Not sure if you have my size , xL, please update size

    Gabor Galantai

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