Ember | August Update

Hello Ember Backers! What a whirl wind it's been lately, I hope/pray you and your family are safe and healthy.

We've made great progress since our last update, let's dive in!

  • Raw Fabrics, all fabric production has been completed. 
  • Final sizing changes have been locked in. 
  • (*new) Switch Molds are scheduled to be completed August 20th
  • Heat Panels are currently being produced and once switch is complete should start shipping to our factory last week of August. 
  • We have scheduled 22 samples to be completed as soon as Heat Panels arrive, so we can show you a video of different body's in each size and style. This way you can see Ember on someone and you can adjust sizing if needed, prior to shipping!
  • All of this adds up to an ESTIMATED delivery date of October, I'm hesitant to say this with the way shipping is going with Hot Pocket, but this is our goal and I will keep you updated as we get closer. 

(*new switch molds had to be created, our prior switch supplier went out of business with Covid... not kidding)

Don't worry, prior to shipping month we'll be sending out a Form to update your address if needed. 

In other more exciting news...

We've added one feature I'm super excited about on Ember and DelSur it's something we haven't told you about and we're going to leave it a surprise 🥳  but don't worry, you're going to love it. This little feature is brand new/never been done before, it blends into the product so that you can't even see it or feel it, but when you need it you can deploy it in seconds and enjoy added warmth and protection instantly. 

I love hiding easter eggs🥚 haha, I really can't wait to get your reaction to this one.  🤩

Two nights ago 'round 11:30pm Juli and I were on a video chat with George going over final details with Ember. George is the factory owner and we've all become close friends over the last 3 years. When we got off the call Juli asked, are all of your partners THAT excited about a new product?? George's enthusiasm for Ember is level 10 - I won't attempt to quote him but this man has made A LOT of outdoor jackets and his excitement around how unique and amazing Ember/DelSur are, is so very encouraging. We're really excited to bring you a fantastic piece of gear. 🙏


Thank you for joining us on this journey!

For the Wildlings, 

Richard // Founder // CEO


  • Just to remind SMR that the original backers on Kickstarter are not getting updates, and until a superuser posted that you had changed platforms and seemingly abandoned those folk I would not have known. If you can just post what you have posted here to them please

  • As a Hot Pocket backer, I already have a power supply. Maybe I dreamed it (could have been sleep deprivation from the shivering in the cold) but thought HP backers were supposed to have backer pricing for Ember. That has not materialized. Honestly, if Ember had been announced before I backed HP, I would have waited for Ember.
    Why is it that when I select “No Battery” in the preorder form, the price disappears?

    Steve C.
  • Took 18 months to fulfill my Hot Pocket order, should I just assume the Ember is another 12 months away? Lack of updates make your customers feel like pawns.

    Dan Wiener
  • Been two months since the last update. Might not hurt to get an update where things are.

    I’m ok with delays, but given the amount of email that you guys send trying to get me to buy more, it feels like you could squeek out an update for the $900-$1400 I’ve already spent with you on multiple undelivered kickstarters.

    A little communication goes a long way towards setting expectations; lately I feel like you want to talk to my wallet more than me.

  • It’s been seven months. Is there a way to get the $$ returned? I’m going to be 60 in less than a month. I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to see this product.

    Rebecca Grenier

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