Ember | April Update

We're still missing 266 people for Ember PCS, IMPORTANT we are now behind because we do not have these backer's information (I know covid is making this a hard time for everyone); I am not able to complete the PO at this time due to missing orders. Because it's such a large PO I am not able to make a guess as to what style or size you will want.

PLEASE take a moment and check your Kickstarter email and head over to fill out your PCS (post campaign survey), so we can try to keep this project as close to on course as possible.

If our records indicate you have NOT completed the PCS, you will receive an email tomorrow morning 7:45am ET. Please note, if you HAVE completed the PCS but still received an email, just reply back to it and let us know so we can update our system.

Thank you so much everyone! So excited to get Ember to you!!!!
Cheers, Richard

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